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Ever felt FRUSTRATED engaging a supplier for your




Think about itEngaging a printing supplier, not easy right?




Have you ever experienced BIG colour difference between your printed products and the one from design??




Whenever there is a lot of glue smudge on our products… plus they send very late— disrupting our business operations that result in lost of money, do you feel frustrated??…… wouldn’t it be wonderful if there is a printer that understands these concerns and places them as their concerns too.





  • YES !!!    You can find a printer that values Relationships!!

  • YES !!!    You can find a printer that has Systems in place to minimise errors!!!

  • YES !!!    It is Easy!


SEE the box above? 




We printed that for a wonderful Macaron company in Singapore with a competitive price.






Our 20+ years of experience in packaging services allows us to implement innovation in every solution we provide to our customers!!…it does not necessarily need to be an expensive solution… Like the box above, it is simplicity at its best… a simple embossing and hot foil to bring out their brand image!!!






The price that we offer is also very competitive because our view of every client is a life-long partnership. What is the point earning more money now? but there is no repeat order??




Every packaging that we produce is customised to your needs in terms of materials, dimensions and colours… and your budget.






The type of products in this category include but not limited to Macaroon Box, Cake Box, Electronics Box, Shoe Box, Apparels Box, Fast Moving Consumer Goods Box.




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